Red Green & Blue Laser Light - With Remote + Accent Lights

Red Green & Blue Laser Light - With Remote + Accent Lights

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Now With 16 Color Accent Lights

UPDATED! Our red, green and blue laser light now features a high powered accent LED lighting system that allows you to add an accent light of your choice to the laser light cluster! Choose from varying colors of red, green, blue, purple, or white. 

Our brand new red, green, and blue laser light comes stock with a variety of options easily accessible by a click or two on your new remote. Set your color, flashing, and timer to watch your area come alive with a display sure to get people's attention and affection.

Watch the Light in Action


The included remote allows you to control your laser light from around the house (not just close by the light). The red, green, and blue laser light includes a built-in timer running for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. Easily switch between green, red, blue, green & red, green & blue, red & blue, or the red-green-blue combination. Add a flash or change the pattern speed to really set the mood and wow your friends.

Laser Color: Select Red, Green, Blue, or any combination of the 3 colors
Accent Color: Variations Of Red, Green, Blue, Purple or White
Coverage: 2,500 Square Feet
Flashing Mode Yes - Toggle On / Off
Remote: Yes
Timer: 2, 4, 6, 8 Hours
Cord Length: 20'

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