Quatro Laser Light - Double Coverage - With Timer

Quatro Laser Light - Double Coverage - With Timer

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Double Coverage - Up to 6,000 square feet!

Forget all those Christmas decorating nightmares that are typically associated with setting up outdoor Christmas Lights! 

With the Quatro Laser Christmas Light, you can easily decorate your home or outdoor space by simply mounting the light via ground stake in your yard and aiming the lights at your house.

The Quatro Laster Christmas Light features a durable ABS weatherproof plastic case, a hardened metal ground stake for installation and four high power laser lights.


Get 6,000 SF of Christmas Light coverage in a matter of seconds with the Quatro Laser Christmas Light System! 

Daily Timer: This laser light features a daily timing functionality that will automatically turn the unit on for 6 hours during the night and off for 18 hours during the day. 

Product Specifications:

  • 6000 SF Coverage 
  • Durable ABS Casing
  • Hardened Metal Ground Stake
  • Auto-Timer Functionality 
  • Dual Color Options 
  • Standard On/Off Switch 
  • Standard Operating Temperature -4°F to 86°F
  • 10 Minute Warm Up For Full Projection
  • 20' Cable Included  

4 Times The Coverage!

Laser Color: Select Red & Green, Red or Green
Coverage Area: 6,000 Square Feet
Motion: No
Remote: No
Timer: Yes - 6 Hours




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